Who We Are Is What We Leave Behind

Subaru, together with the National Park Service and the National Parks Conservation Association, is leveraging their environmental expertise to work toward the goal of making these invaluable places zero landfill. In celebration of america's greatest treasures, this director's cut takes those moments, feelings and places that we all love, want to protect and leave behind for generations to come so they too can appreciate and enjoy these most amazing and natural wonders.

Transitions Lenses

Sights of a Lifetime

Annie Fitzsimmons, the Urban Insider for National Geographic, shares her life's dream, passions and the importance of opening one's eyes to new experiences. She embraces the unexpected and how it can affect the perspective of the world around you. With her love of travel and appreciation of nature, we are able to see just how truly beautiful and amazing life is..

Written and Directed by Matt Deskiewicz. Creative, Production & Post-Production by MATTER.


Journey America

In celebration of the National Park Service Centennial, the JOURNEY AMERICA campaign takes us to Shenandoah National Park as we join National Geographic Children's Book Senior Photo Editor, Lori Epstein. Alongside Lori, we explore her favorite National Park and discuss ways to continue to inspire our nation's youth to love and protect open spaces. We also ride along with Lori, her husband Sean and dog Tyler as she shares her family's park story.

2014 Vignettes highlight National Geographic employees, Brannon Shiflett and Matthew Testa.

2013 Vignettes highlight big cat tracker, Boone Smith.

2012 Vignettes highlight wildlife expert & TV host, Casey Anderson.

Written and Directed by Matt Deskiewicz.
Creative, Production & Post-Production by MATTER.


Live Curious

You never know what you're going to find. And you'll never find it unless you live… and live curious. We followed alongside an ordinary family on an ordinary family outing, which turned out anything but ordinary. Original concept, produced, shot and edited by MATTER for Toyota and National Geographic co-branding initiative.

Directed by Matt Deskiewicz.


Great Migrations Vignettes

5 amazing animals. 5 incredible stories. 1 epic commercial series. National Geographic Associate Producer, Stephanie Atlas, faces her biggest fear, flying, in order to film the monarch butterflies in flight. Producer, James Byrne, and his crew journey through Sudan, overcoming impossible odds to become the first crew in 25 years to film the ancient kob migration. To capture the rarely filmed Mali elephants, Director of Photography, Bob Poole, risks life and limb as he heads into the herd and faces being trampled to death.

General Motors


Join the conversation. What better place to talk about green innovators and the "reasons" they are passionate about what they do, than Planet Green. This commercial series was created for General Motors to strike up a conversation and get people talking about a movement that is not only transforming GM, but propelling the company and its employees towards a better, more environmentally conscious future.


Featuring "Gold" by Imagine Dragons

FX NOW featuring "Gold" by Imagine Dragons. World promo music exclusive pitched, negotiated and cleared by Pamela Liptak @ Matter Music.

Killing Jesus

First Look: Behind the Scenes

A behind-the-scenes exclusive of National Geographic Channel's new miniseries chronicling the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Director, Matt Deskiewicz and the MATTER team enjoyed our time working with the entire cast and crew capturing how this incredible and tragic story was brought to the screen. Shot over one week in Ouarzazate, Morocco and edited back home stateside at MATTER.

Special thanks to…


SVP, Group Creative Director

SVP, Communications & Talent Relations

On-Air Creative Director

Design Creative Director

Unit Publicist, Killing Jesus

Sound Design


Scandinavian Luxury Design Commercial

With the announcement of their new "Designed Around You" brand strategy, MATTER was asked to take it personal. Volvo's human side that is. So to all those design-driven people out there seeking a luxury experience that keeps you in mind... well, without further ado we'd like you to meet… the new Volvo.

Written and Directed by Matt Deskiewicz. Creative, Production & Post-Production by MATTER.


Stella McCartney Tribute

You shouldn't have to compromise fashion for an environmental product. We flew to London, England to create a tribute video for the National Resource Defense Council's 11th Annual "Forces of Nature" Benefit. We met a daughter, a mother, a wife, a celebrity, a lifelong vegetarian and a fashion designer who all worked toward one goal of changing how we view ourselves and our relationship to the environment. Their names, Stella McCartney.

Directed by Matt Deskiewicz. Creative, Production & Post-Production by MATTER

Constellation Energy

Full Circle - TV Commercial

ADDY Award Winning Commercial. Part of Constellation Energy's initiative to create a better understanding of our energy use, their strong environmental commitment and evolving technologies dedicated to finding sustainable solutions for all of us.

Creative, Production & Post-Production by MATTER.

Concept Development by Dana Deskiewicz.

Written and Directed by Matt Deskiewicz.

Nat Geo TCA

Alien Invasion & Area 51

Make it out of this world. And so we did. For the National Geographic TCA Presentation, MATTER created a trailer filled with the real world of extraterrestrial life, mysterious activities and the stranger than fiction stories of what insiders, scientists and military officials say is really happening.


Sunday Nights Campaign and Graphics Package

A Sunday night event for the entire family, celebrating the best of the WILD world. This campaign not only had to feel big, entertaining and fun, but MATTER was also tasked to create a special-event graphics toolkit that could be customized for each of the different Sunday night programs on WILD.

Planet Green


Welcome to the Green American Dream. When you're doing something for the greater good, how could it not make you feel great? We were just glad to lend a helping hand to Planet Green in branding and promoting such an important series. Starting with the Upfront Presentation and continuing work thru the launch of Season 2, Greensburg has also become a great case study of the evolution of the series and it's campaigns. From strategy and creative to color correction and filming with executive producer, Leonardo DiCaprio. We even included one of the favorite spots from Season 2 that was left on the cutting room floor.

Nat Geo WILD

Theme Nights

For the launch of Nat Geo WILD, the network turned to MATTER to create, produce and edit theme spots for each night of the week. As you'll see, whether it's Monday or Friday, there's always something to go wild for on this channel.


Monday Nights Promos

8 parents. 39 kids. And one on the way. With the newly added family programming on Monday Nights getting traction, TLC wanted to build momentum by increasing awareness and brand the night as family night… and fast! So in two weeks, we went cross country to film each of the 4 families at their respective homes in Oregon, Arkansas, Pennsylvanisa and New Jersey, capturing the essence of family and documenting the moments that makes each and every family so unique. What we ended up with was something truly special.

Military Channel

Govenor Thank You PSA

To all those out there who serve, we salute you. Together, working with the Military Channel, we sat down with our country's governors to give thanks, especially to those that protect all of us and our freedom each and every day.


American Chopper

New Shop. New Bikes. Same Bad Attitude. Did we mention American Chopper was also moving networks from Discovery to TLC? Coming to their new home, TLC not only wanted to give the Teutuls a warm welcome, but also create buzz while doing it. Well how about a rock concert in the desert with none other than Joan Jett and the Blackhearts? Maybe a giant LCD screen? And why not blow up some stuff up while we're at it? Done. Done. And Done!


Magic Week

Leave magic to the pros. Shablazm! This campaign is dedicated to all those out there that make magic happen… or at least try! Instead of sticking to the usual razzle dazzle of David Blaine and the rest of the gang, we decided on a non-traditional approach using long lead teasers that star average joe's for something a bit more memorable… and at least more laughable.


Beyond The Bull

The campaign? To buck stereotypical perceptions and go beyond just "cowboys" riding bulls. The result? A profound juxtaposition of professional lives and personal stories. Men… husbands… fathers… who push themselves and their lives to the limit to make ends meet, the only way they know how.

Nat Geo

Locked Up Abroad

To match a new season of jaw dropping stories, we created this launch spot as one intense 30 second trip into the compelling world of National Geographic's hit series.


Little People. Big World.

Bigger is better. For the new season of Little People, Big World we super-sized everything. From the graphics to the copy and all the rest. Make no mistake about it, this season with the Roloff's was going to be larger than life!

Discovery Channel

Dirty Jobs

Am I really going to be the only guy dressed up like a pirate today? An entire season of jobs chipped in to make this spot almost too dirty. We had access to some of the best on-camera moments from the shows proud history and it’s never a tough job to make talent like this seem, well… talented. The really tough part was trying to fit Mike Rowe's best stuff into 90 seconds.

Nat Geo

America Before Columbus

The world will never be the same. It sounds like something straight out of a block buster movie, but when it came to the discovery of the New World the saying couldn't be more true. After Columbus set foot in the Americas, an endless wave of explorers, conquistadors and settlers arrived, including a Noah's Ark of plants, animals - and disease. In the first 100 years of contact, entire civilizations were wiped out and the landscape was completely changed… forever. It was our goal to make sure the television campaign delivered the same epic quality, matching the weight and impact of the 2 hour show as well as capturing the beauty and mysteriousness of the ancient Americas before Columbus.


Hard Shine

Hard Times. Hard Work. Hard Shine. We could probably say that's true for both the show and the campaign shoot. A tight budget and tight schedule left us with one day to shoot and in the middle of nowhere… not to mention over 100 degree heat and a sandstorm to boot! But after a long, hard day's work, we were able to walk away with enough material to not only cut one, but two solid spots.


Say Yes To The Dress

Oh no… here we go again. That's right! Back for a brand new season, brides-to-be were trying to find the perfect dress while we were trying to find the perfect idea for the television campaign. In our search, we were happy to find something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Military Channel

Gunner Palace

This is real life, homey and it’s just so deep. The War in Iraq, one of Saddam’s former palaces, and the 2/3 Infantry – a recipe for hip-hop? In this case, a rhyme from a young soldier rapped it up. Good enough to win a ‘Best Use of Music’ award. We couldn’t have said it any better.


Big Medicine

Desperate times call for drastic measures. For the patients in Big Medicine, they are at the end of the road. With nowhere to turn, they feel alone and left in the dark. But all is not lost. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Undergoing surgery is their last hope to back on track to a healthier and happier life. Using original still photography we crafted a visual metaphor of the patients journey out of the darkness and onto a new beginning.


The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off

Death is freedom. Life is a lesson. Johnny Kennedy, who suffered from the rare inherited condition known as dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, narrated this campaign and the documentary of his final months before he passed. Kennedy ultimately died of skin cancer caused by EB.



Pitching popular songs for projects, negotiating music deals, promoting and booking artists for live events as well as handling music licensing for movie trailers, television promos, in show uses, main titles and digital projects...we pride ourselves on creatively connecting with people and melding music with their vision.

MATTER Strategic Music Placement is headed by Pamela Liptak, who brings 23 years of music marketing experience and music relationships. With a diverse background in marketing, editing and music, Pamela has fused these three key areas to develop strategic music placement deals within the entertainment industry for clients such as Fox Broadcasting Company, Paramount, UPN, CBS, TLC Network, Discovery Channel, Investigation Discovery, OWN, Discovery Science Channel, Destination America, Animal Planet, Velocity Network, Discovery Fit and Health, Military Channel as well as at her own music trailer company before coming to MATTER.


The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Coldplay, Snoop Dogg, Linkin Park, Weezer, Nicki Minaj, Eddie Vedder, AC/DC, Madonna, Bon Jovi, Elvis, The Black Keys, Goo Goo Dolls, Kanye West, Brandi Carlile, No Doubt, The Rolling Stones, Jennifer Hudson, Tom Waits, Rihanna, Billy Idol. Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, Etta James, Lenny Kravitz, John Denver, The Killers, The White Stripes, Maroon 5, One Direction, Jewel, Katy Perry, Kid Rock, Missy Elliot, Joan Jett, Nas, Black Eyed Peas,, Onerepublic, T.I, Mindless Behavior, Jeff Buckley, fun, Sigur Ros, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Christina Aguilera, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Jonsi, Gwen Stefani, Gin Wigmore, Florence + The Machine, Adele and more.

“There are times when clients pick their own music, but sometimes clients send us visuals and/or creative briefs for projects, so we can take into account the target demographic and the vibe of the content and choose songs that match in tempo, lyric and feel.  It also depends on the budget for each project and whether the network is interested in a well known artist or a new break out artist. Sometimes you just hear a song and you immediately get that gut reaction that it is the one and hopefully others agree. Different bands evoke different emotions and can enhance a project. The beauty of using a popular song within a show, promo or trailer is that when a person hears it from another room, if they like it, it will compel them to go to their TV and check it out… that's when you know it was the right fit.”

Bush, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kiss, Colbie Caillat, Angelique Kidjo, Eric Hutchinson, Goo Goo Dolls, Eve, Remy Zero, and The Mavericks, and more currently underway.

Recently wrapped music supervision projects for the Documentary Film "Letters To Jackie" and the NORTH AMERICA docu-series.

Jade Novah

Blood, Sweat & Tears

The Official Music Video for Jade Novah's "Blood, Sweat & Tears" as featured on UP TV's - Dancin' the Dream series premiere. World premiere for the upcoming album release of SHOW OUT.

Special thanks to Jade Novah, Devin Johnson, Nils Gums, Amy Winter, Kiki Ely, BeeJay Harris, UP Television and Devinaire Entertainment, plus the entire cast, crew and amazing dancers who literally gave it their Blood, Sweat & Tears!

Creative, production and post by MATTER CREATIVE AGENCY

Director: Matt Deskiewicz
Executive Producer: Pamela Liptak
Cinematographer: Phil Dillon
Production Manager: Jamie Miningham
Production Coordinator: Lauren Smith
Assistant Camera: Grady Upchurch
Set Design: Mike Pisani
Sound Engineer: Aaron Cujo Cooley
Assistant Sound: Pam Cooley
Makeup: Candice Holloway
Hair: Shereda
Matter Intern: Cobi Byrne

Equipment provided by PC&E Atlanta.

Carly Olson
Chance Mizell
Elijah Oliver
Emily Rollins
Hannah Rollins
India Crowe
Lil DeeDee
Malayna Valree

Kiki Ely & BeeJay Harris

Digital Strategy, UX and Design

s People Magazine continues it's growth into Digital, the website's evolution from translating print into a living site that adapts to it's audience viewing habits is a must. I worked with to manage the Digital elements of including translating the site to a Responsive Grid layout for Tablet and Mobile. This allows the now majority of users viewing the site across devices other than Desktop the opportunity to see the content they want in a quick, easy, and efficient manner, while allowing the Editorial staff the flexibility to push content specific to each device. This dynamic approach continues to grow organic traffic along with daily viewers on the most-trafficked entertainment site.

XO Group - Strategy, UX and Design

The XO Group looked to update the design for to be more Mobile and Tablet friendly to coincide with the transition in audience traffic from these devices. Diving into research about the users of the site, the needs they have, and the content types they view, I worked on the Strategy, UX, wireframes, UI, and Design resulting in a concept that was streamlined for content and needs of the expectant moms out there. The concepts reflect a casual lean-back experience for Tablet as well as an efficient browse and tap model for Mobile devices.


Digital Strategy, UX and Design

Creating a simpler way to communicate with doctors, schedule appointments and managing health in a Mobile app. Working with this startup, I helped develop the Product Strategy and put together the UX, UI, and Design for the app. Healthjump's unique approach knows paper charts are a thing of the past and ensures doctors have the most up-to-date information about patients and their health. Healthjump enables access and sharing of medical record with doctors and specialists.


Digital Strategy, UX and Design

Discovery looked to Matter to help create the next generation experience of it's existing suite of entertainment properties, from Discovery Channel proper through the likes of Science Channel and TLC. With a limited budget and a need to have an umbrella branding experience for each site without feeling overly templated, Matter worked with Discovery's product team to develop a flexible design and UX system that not only works across the multitude of sites, but also across mobile and tablet devices. This includes looking at the properties in ways that not only reflected how a user views and consumes content on each site, but also through each device. By developing a rich UX and UI through both adaptive and responsive design, each site will keep the audience coming back for more.

Bravo TV

Digital Strategy, UX and Design

Bravo TV wanted to create a vibrant digital platform to drive engagement by empowering their robust fan base that both empowers and incentivizes fans to connect, converse and contribute. Their unique position allows them to own all conversation revolving around Bravo shows and their celebrities. Our goal was unifying their digital platforms through UX, design and content and enriching it with social stickiness, to allow Bravo to be an innovator in the entertainment space. This strategy helps build their passionate community no matter which device they are viewing through.


Tablet Strategy, UX & Design

Pickie combines content and commerce into a fun and engaging iPad app. By combining these two platforms, users can see what their friends have mentioned across social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter and see details about price, availability and what their friends have said. The app also provides the opportunity to purchase items discovered within the app through various vendors like Etsy and Amazon. Pickie users can also view trending items, editor picks, and a Discover page. We looked to create a warm and friendly branding with the logo and screen designs. With so much information available to pul from, the key to a smooth UX was to bubble up valuable data for a user and provide it in a snackable format that gives user a sense of discovery across the app and makes purchasing simple.

Pickie Pickie Pickie Pickie

Planet Green

Greensburg Mobile Experience

In order to extend Planet Green's "Greensburg" series, Matter created a spec mobile experience to foster the conversations and stories in and around the community. A user could engage passively or actively with the content surrounding Greensburg before, during and after each episode aired.


FANUP! Music Experience

Digital Strategy, UX and Design

Music is such an intimate experience, especially for the diehard fan. In looking at how social networks have changed the dynamic between artists, their content and the fan base around them, FanUp! was developed to take fandom to the next level. Trend research, technology breakthroughs along with the engagement factors of fans and artists provided a valuable platform to build the user experience off of. Here, fans can get all the essential content and information not only from sites, but social media as well. Users can "love" artists and other content, share with their networks and compete with a gaming element to become the #1 fan for each artist. Truly a fan's paradise.




Digital Strategy, UX & Design

For its 20-year anniversary, the iconic Moviefone brand went through a facelift and relaunch to bring it into the next two decades. This included developing a fresh new brand identity, retooled web site, as well as brand new mobile and tablet apps. The project focused on the core user experiences and feedback from past features and implemented new concepts in the way movie fans engage and interact with content and each other. The site saw 20% jump in traffic across the board driven from UV's, search and social in its first 3 months.





Brand and Site Redesign

Stylelist became the #1 Women's style destination on the web in 2011. In continuing to be the best-in-class destination for style, the brand was evolved to the broader audience and network sites that were brought under the Stylelist umbrella. The result is a more modern and friendly feel that offers users a variety of content and social features.

What Makes Us Tick

About Us

MATTER is an award-winning creative agency and production company that specializes in entertainment marketing. This includes live action shoots, branding campaigns, television promotions, commercials, theatrical trailers, short form content, online, app creation and development as well as social media campaigns. We create, develop, produce, shoot, direct, design, edit and we also know kung-fu... but only on Wednesdays.

MATTER provides unique strategic and conceptual development as well as full-scale production, post-production services, popular music placement and clearance. From inception to final delivery, we support our clients through every step of the creative process, including managing shoots of all sizes, developing the next big mobile/tablet experience, and covering a range of editorial, graphic and additional post-production needs.

Teasers, trailers, music videos, commercials, co-branding initiatives, graphic packages, marketing materials... you name it, we create and produce for brands, corporations, television networks, celebrities, politicians and commercial products. With our new Digital division, our scope now spans mobile and tablet experiences, social media campaigns and marketing, web sites and original online content to provide clients with full 360 integrated marketing solutions and campaigns. In addition, our Strategic Music Placement group not only provides exclusive musical opportunities with top popular artists, but also handles negotiations, clearances and licensing.

At MATTER, we want to create the best, for you. We strive to not only make the final creative memorable and thoroughly entertaining, but the same goes for the working process and creative journey that we embark on with our clients.


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